A Christian Science lecture by Michelle Nanouche, CSB

Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 2:00 PM CT

at First Church of Christ, Scientist, McHenry
1511 Eastwood Lane
McHenry, IL

(see map below)


This talk

Through honest talk about the questions skeptics ask, this lecture tackles the essentials of Christian Science – its theology, its Christianity and its role in healing – giving an insider’s look at Christian Science treatment through prayer for physical cure.
For those who may have resisted a serious consideration of Christian Science, this lecture gives a clear, logical and compelling response to the following questions:
  • How is Christian Science prayer treatment on the cutting edge of healthcare?
  • What distinguishes Christian Science from positive thinking or blind faith methods?
  • How is Christian Science both spiritual and scientific?
This lecture also presents the life of Mary Baker Eddy and her path of discovery, bringing out events in her early medical practice and some of her first healings through prayer that led up to discovering the eternal laws of Christ-healing practiced by Bible patriarchs, prophets, Christ Jesus, early Christians and many today.


Spirituality and the practice of prayer isn’t a lifestyle choice for Michelle; it is basic to who she is. Her family was introduced to Christian Science through her dad’s healing of acute depression. She was exposed to the idea that God heals sickness from an early age. At twelve, Michelle prayed to God to heal a foot wound. The quick healing fanned her interest in all things relating to God. In her last year of high school she took evening training to be a Christian Science nurse’s aide. Right after graduation, she pursued training for the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.Nine years as a Christian Science nurse provided her with loads of experience in healing through spiritual means. By the time Michelle opened her first public office as a Christian Science practitioner in 1989, she had witnessed a great number of healings through prayer. From personal experience, she can share accounts of healings of broken bones, tumors, pneumonia, eating disorders, heart disease, mental and emotional disorders, financial difficulties and more. She has observed in the practice of Christian Science that following the example and teachings of Christ Jesus heals quickly and effectively. Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures unlocks the treasure trove of the Bible explaining the science of the Christ that heals.

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